Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Glorious Day!

Wow oh wow oh wow. I don't know if anyone is looking at this thing, but if you are, some visual reminders of the amazing day we had can be found here and here.

Thank you Danny and Alanna for those pictures. Folks if you have more, send them my way or post a comment with the link.

Thank you to everyone who joined us and celebrated and feasted with us. The food was amazing, the love was flowing and all was so fucking good.

If you haven't sent your recipe in, please do.

Triple scoop thanks to all who helped clean.

Extra cheese thanks to Sandy Lucas for the magical Blessing Lounge.


michelle said...

WOW. my face is aching with cramps from smiling so much! what a perfect day, and what a lovely couple. [word out to bride magazine: y'all ain't seen shit! that's what i'm talkin' bout, okay?]

thanks for sharing the photos- they're better than i could've imagined. stunning.

recipe to follow.

love you guys,
michelle renee jackson

lori said...

What a gorgeously psychedelic love fest. You all are stunning. We sure wish we could have made it. Marcello wondered who some of the kids were and if you all went swimming. We took our feet swimming today at a lake in new jersey. Maybe you can have another Jenner reunion in a few years. We'd love to hear more details, see more photos, and look forward to the recipes.

Lori and Marcello

Travelburro said...

Thanks for such an amazing, amazing day. It was epic.

Somebody really had to clean up?