Friday, September 7, 2007

You found us. Stay tuned.

Hey Everyone!

Glad to see you got your invitation and are checking in. As the party weekend approaches we'll post information about location and other party details. This blog should be open to comments, so please comment away if you want to find someone to carpool with or if you want to find someone to share a rental with or if you want to share memories of your experience at our wedding 12 years ago or if you want to tell the world about that trippy dream you had last night. We're all here for you.

the Shelves


Chris said...

Well, we're coming. I can hardly believe's a thrilling thought... being there for the celabration. Chris Cloire and I will be heading up on saturday, leaving sunday. I'll call within the next few days to figure out where we should sleep saturday night. Anyway, we're so excited and looking forward to a sweet time with you and all your clan.
our new number 323-953-6633
xolauren m

the shelves said...

Beyond my wildest dreams! This is fantastic news!!